Oceania Connects

K.L. Parker


Active Partner

Of Kanaka Maoli, Nikkei, and Polish ethnicity, I'm a transfer & re-entry student-parent in my final semester at UC Berkeley. 

I've worked passionately within the Asian Pacific American Student Development center at UCB advocating for Pacific Islander representation within API spaces, academia and beyond, and am driven to engage in critical dialogue for effective & equitable community organizing. My 'hapa-haole' identity informs my anthropological perspective, so I'm deeply dedicated to educating, creating and supporting programs that challenge both internal and external narratives of Pacific Islander ontology. I have a penchant for laughter, good food, and big words, but still have difficulty knowing when to use 'me' or 'I'.

Thomas Mangloña II


Active Partner

I am a native Chamorro born and raised on the island of Rota, Northern Mariana Islands. I am a Gates Millennium Scholar and undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Media and Journalism.  I started writing news reports for my island on my blog when I was in middle school and my passion for journalism has since flourished, leading me to work for several print publications and the regional Pacific News Center as an on-camera correspondent covering government, education, and community.  I am also the executive director of Berkeley’s online television station and a former news intern at ABC7 News in SF. I am passionate about diversity and representation in the media.

Betsy Valu Rohney


Former Partner

I’m an 'afakasi (mixed-race) person of Tongan, Fijian and European descent born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a UC Berkeley alumna with experience researching language preservation in indigenous communities, particularly the Aotearoa-New Zealand Māori language. My research has been funded by the UCB Center for Race and Gender and I’ve spent time in New Zealand speaking with Māori people about how language shapes their identity. Much of my work revolves around intersectionality and decolonization of Pacific Islander identity. I’m hoping to start this channel to continue our storytelling traditions and to spotlight the various ways of being "Pacific Islander".